Who We Are

A bit about Cannabis Crusades and what we do!

The Cannabis Crusades was conceived in 2012 to promote the responsible cultivation and use of medical cannabis in the state of Ohio, and to bring the community together to participate in 5k run or 3k walk to help gather petition signatures and to educate the public on the different Amendments that will likely appear on the November 2015 ballot.

Registration to participate in this event will show your support for the decriminalization of medical cannabis and to restrict the ability of big money interests to monopolize this growth industry in Ohio.

The purpose of the race is to collect signatures, to raise awareness, and to show support for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment sponsored by Ohio Rights Group's initiative to legalize medical marijuana and protect the interests of Ohio farmers. The cost of the event is $35 which also includes all day admission to the zoo. A portion of proceeds will also be designated to Ohio Rights Group.org to help fund their signature-gathering efforts.